Car Detailing, Paint Correction & Paint Protection in London

Professional vehicle detailing services

What you need to know about us is that we take car detailing seriously. There are no shortcuts. We are here to achieve results.

We offer a professional range of car detailing services to make your car shine like new.

3 Stage Paint Correction to remove swirls, scratches and defects with 85 - 95% correction rate.

Premium wax finish ( incl. all exterior plastics, chrome trims and front & tail lights ) with award winning, exclusive, hand blended Swissvax, recognised as a leader in the field of car detailing.

Opti-Coat Ceramic Paint Protection to provide previously unachievable levels of gloss, durability, scratch and chemical resistance, with market-leading Gtechniq Crystal Serum & EXO ultimate hydrophobic coatings.

We use only finest Paint Protection Products available.

Pro Car Detailing Brands in London