Lotus Exige Cup 430. Wrapped Matte Graphite Metallic
Audi TT. Full Body Wrap
Nissan GTR. Full Wrap
Ferrari 488. Custom Car Detailing
Bentley. White Pearl Car Wrap
McLaren 540c. Wrapped in Chrome Gold Vinyl
Maserati Levante. Wrapped in STEK DYNOShield PPF Paint Protection Film
BMW 1. Custom Car Wrap
Lamborghini Gallardo. Matte Blue Finish
BMW M3. Visual Tuning


We are passionate about cars. For our team car is more than a transport, it's an expression of personality.

About EuroTint

Euro Tint is family owned and operated business, with its workshop based in White City, London.

We offer a wide range of vehicle customizing services:

Window tinting, Car wrapping, Car Graphics, PPF Paint Protection, Vehicle Detailing, Ceramic Coating and more.

We hope to guide you through available vehicle customizing options.

Enjoy this site and hopefully it will inspire you..

EuroTint Londons best wrapping and tinting studio

PPF Car Wraps & Window Tints videos

Questions and Answers about Window Tinting, Car Wrapping and Car Paint Protection

Find the answer to your most common questions and read information about Car Window Tint, Car Vinyl Wrap and Paint Protection

Window Tinting Laws?

In the UK, you can legally tint the rear windows (rear doors and rear windscreen) as dark as you like. There are laws for the front door windows which should be no darker than 70% / 75% for vehicles first used on or after 01.04.1985.

Does window tint stick to the inside or outside?

Window tint is always applied to the inside of the car window.

Can windows still be rolled down when tinted?

Yes! You will still be able to wind your windows up and down as soon as tint is fully dry (1-4 days).

Will window tint affect the heated windscreen?

Window tint can be installed over the heating lines on the rear windscreen without any problem - it will still work as before.

Will Vehicle Wrap damage my paintwork?

Professionally applied vehicle wrapping film will not damage your paintwork. The film actually shields the paint against chips, abrasions and weathering to preserve your cars future value. However, if you already have stone chips, abrasions or rust patches on your paintwork, vinyl may pull loose paint off while removing.

What is PPF?

Paint Protection Film is optically clear vinyl, applied to painted surfaces of your choice to protect against stone chips, scratches, abrasions and other environmental factors.

Vehicle graphics

Vehicle graphics are being increasingly used as the advertising method for business but also private vehicles. Euro Tint provide a full package of vehicle graphics service. We design, print and install all our graphics.

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