Lotus Exige Cup 430. Wrapped Matte Graphite Metallic
Audi TT. Full Body Wrap
Nissan GTR. Full Wrap
Ferrari 488. Custom Car Detailing
Bentley. White Pearl Car Wrap
McLaren 540c. Wrapped in Chrome Gold Vinyl
Maserati Levante. Wrapped in STEK DYNOShield PPF Paint Protection Film
BMW 1. Custom Car Wrap
Lamborghini Gallardo. Matte Blue Finish
BMW M3. Visual Tuning

Audi RS6 Wrapped Black Chery Ice

15 Sep 2021


Striking Audi RS6 wrapped in Black Cherry Ice Vinyl! In addition to this new colour, we also tinted the windscreen with a Chameleon Window Tint Film and headlights with the Light Protection Film.