Lamborghini Aventador. Black Mate Wrap
Audi TT. Full Body Wrap
Nissan GTR. Full Wrap
Ferrari 488. Custom Car Detailing
Bentley. White Pearl Car Wrap
Porsche Cayenne. Full Wrap
Audi TT. Black Matt Wrap
BMW 1. Custom Car Wrap
Lamborghini Gallardo. Matte Blue Finish
BMW M3. Visual Tuning

Porsche Cayenne Detailing & Ceramic Coating

25 May 2019


This 2019 Porsche Cayenne, even tho being relatively new, visited our shop recently for a full #correction #detailing and #ceramic #paintprotection.
After removing commonly found paint defects like swirls, scratches, buffer trails /sanding marks, bird etchings, we applied ceramic shield to help maintain its high-gloss, showroom finish for years to come.
For perfect finish we detailed and nano coated all interior plastic, fabric materials and leathers to protect them from dirt and grime getting ingrained into, keeping them looking newer & smelling fresher for longer :)
Leather coating also features a super hydrophobic effect which enables any liquid spills to simply bead up on the surface and be easily wiped off.
UV Resistance of the coating will help to reduce aging of leather preserving the factory look and feel.
Plus BioCoat to help prevent the growth of microbes.

Mercedes Gunmetal Grey Car Wrapping

21 May 2019


#GunmetalGrey - still one of the favourites :)
With windows #tinted, #GlossBlack mirrors, front grill, spoiler, window surrounds and wheels this #mercedes #gle looking stealth and classy.

Audi Q7 Wrapped Matte Black

20 May 2019


Audi Q7, full body wrapped in matte black, windows and lights tinted, wheels refurbished and resprayed gloss black. All at affordable and competitive price.

Smart Customized with two tone Car Wrap and Window Tints

11 May 2019


Choose from our 300+ vehicle wrap vinyl colours to create a one off Smart perfect for you. You can wrap all the panels or only certain parts or give it a custom finish such as satin, chrome or brushed metal.
The beauty of car wraps is that they are a temporary modification, and can be easily removed whenever you wish to go back to its original colour.
This one here was customized with pearl white & orange vinyl in satin finish, incl door shuts + Window Tints.
Get in touch today to find out how we can customise your vehicle.