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BMW Windscreen Tint

26 May 2020


Ultra Vision Clima Comfort WindowFilm

✅changing the transparency in an automatic mode due to outside factors
✅providing great visibility from inside
✅helping regulate the temperature inside the car
✅relieving eyes and protecting from glares from oncoming cars
✅Protecting from infrared and UV rays


Windscreen Chameleon Tint

18 Mar 2020


There are few types of #ChameleonTint, different in light transmittance and protection from infrared radiation. Our films not only protect from harmful sunlight, but also comply with the technical regulations for the transmission of visible light.
Ask a member of EuroTint team for more info about Chameleon Windscreen Tint.

Chameleon Window Tint for BMW

22 Jan 2020


Blue to purple colour changing Chameleon Windscreen Tint offers up to 80% Heat Rejection as well as 99% of Ultraviolet Rays blocked.
Chameleon Window Film comply with the Technical Regulations for the VLT Visible Light Transmission through the windows.